Powering Next Generation
Visual Inspection

Labra AI Vision unlocks next-level visual inspection to maximize value extraction from wood, plastic and food production.

The Modern, All-In-One Machine Vision System
for Visual Inspection

Conduct state-of-the-art visual inspection with a purpose-built Vision system or embed Vision into your machine.

New Applications

Solve previously unsolvable applications with Vision's state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Next-level Performance

Vision has demonstrated next-level performance in wood, plastic and food industries.

Future-proof Applications

Add new features, defects or products easily after installation.

High-quality Data

Vision captures tons of relevant data enabling better monitoring and process improvements.

Easy Integration

The modularity of Vision allows it to be integrated seamlessly with other systems.

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Detect everything that is visible

Extract more value from your process and raw materials by capturing visual information accurately with Vision’s deep learning models. If the information is visible, Vision can be taught to detect it. Once the information is collected, different rules, recipes and filters can be applied to make your process function optimally.

Showing a use case for the Labra AI Vision system
Showing a man installing the Labra AI Vision system.

Retrofit smoothly

Whether we are installing a purpose-built system or you are embedding Vision, the system is easy to install and includes everything you need for a state-of-the-art machine vision solution – hardware, software and support from the Vision team. We have built the infrastructure and prioritized ease-of-use, so you can focus on your core business.


Choose your visual inspection output

The Vision machine vision system can deliver a variety of outputs. The system can be configured to send signals, images, counts, classifications or measurements – to name a few. Understanding the requirements for your application starts with a consultation and ends in a completely configured Vision pipeline maximizing production value.  

Showing the configurability of Labra AI Vision.

Your Trusted Partner for All Things Machine Vision

Our Managed Services, Embedding Services and & Custom AI Development Services are designed to help solve your biggest visual inspection and data challenges.

Showing the Labra AI team managing a customer application.

Managed Services

Our team of machine vision experts leverage our market-leading technology and your goals to extract the maximum value from your visual inspection application. From reporting to continuously improving performance and adjusting to new production, we support your quality team.

Showing an engineer embedding Labra AI Vision to a customer's machine.

Embedding Services

Our Engineering team combines hardware expertise with machine vision knowledge. They are armed with Vision's tools to set your machine vision system up for success. The team designs hardware setups and supports you in scaling Vision to all of your machines.

Showing an engineer's setup for Custom AI Development.

Custom AI Development Services

Our Engineering team has taken the lead and built process-changing AI applications for various industrial sectors. Our custom solutions invariably achieve excellent results - some have redefined the state-of-the-art and others are under patent review.


What Clients Are Saying

"Vision succeeded well in its task. There was also flexibility for our needs and changing situations."


"Working with Labra AI was a pleasure. Everything just worked."


"Based on our experience we can recommend Labra AI as a partner for artificial intelligence applications."

Tuomas halttunen
Vice president, hewsaw

"Labra AI executed the project expertly and achieved the set goals."

Harri vartiainen
automation it manager, orfer

Ready to take your visual inspection to the next level?