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Proven solutions

Our engineers have taken the lead and successfully built image recognition, predictive maintenance and process prediction applications for demanding companies from various sectors.

Our custom solutions invariably achieve excellent results on our clients' use cases - some solutions are being made into publications and others are under patent review.

Although our focus is in helping industrial companies, we are able to serve companies from all sectors since data and artificial intelligence are sector agnostic.

We start by asking our clients, if you could predict the future value of one variable in your business, what would it be?

Mineral recovery optimization

AI based digital twin for optimizing mineral recovery

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Solution pipeline


Data Collection

What data is needed to make predictions and how can the data be collected automatically and digitally?

RESULT: Dataset for Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

Build a model efficiently which proves the solvability or insufficient solvability of the problem.

RESULT: Model and model accuracy

Minimum Viable Product

Build a solution with only core features which provides value for the customer.

RESULT: Minimum Viable Product


Build additional features to increase the value provided. Manage the solution or hand over to customer.

RESULT: Additional features


Data Collection for Plant Growth Predicition AI

Sensors are needed to collect data from sunlight, rain, wind and temperature. Machine vision is needed to collect growth data.

RESULT: Dataset with sensor data and historical growth

Proof of Concept for Plant Growth Predicition AI

Build a model on the previously collected dataset to predict plant growth and compare the model against historical growth.

RESULT: Model for predicting plant growth with accuracy statistics

Minimum Viable Product for Plant Growth Predicition AI

A web app which gets data from the sensors, runs the data through the model and presents predictions to the user.

RESULT: Web app displaying real-time growth predictions

Software for Plant Growth Predicition AI

A web app where the customer is given watering recommendations for optimal growth based on weather forecasts.

RESULT: Web app displaying recommendations for optimal growth