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Labra AI is a partner for companies who aspire to extract the maximum value from their data.


AI Roadmap

1 -2 weeks

We identify processes, in co-operation with the client, which would benefit most from AI, select one of these processes and create a roadmap for the project ahead.


AI Solution

2 -8 weeks

We build an initial proof-of-concept with your data. The data can be anything - for example images, text, numbers or signal data. After feedback from the client the proof-of-concept is iterated into an AI Solution.


AI Deployment


We build the data pipeline, test the Operational AI and deploy it. Additionally, we can maintain the software and develop it further for you.

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Create a new service

Our client had envisioned a new predictive service for their platform which would speed up their customers' process and increase safety. For our proof of concept we designed an LSTM neural network and created a novel process activation detection algorithm. The network used sensory data to predict previously unknown process values. We delivered excellent results, however we cannot go into further details as the work is currently under a patent survey.

Accuracy +/- 3% error margin
Accuracy +/- 10% error margin

Segment images

One of our founders researched and published a paper on cell nuclei segmentation at Aalto University. The output of the research was a novel ensemble model combining the predictive power of multiple different neural networks. The ensemble model achieved state-of-the-art results leading the paper to be accepted into International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging.

Predict failures

Our client was experiencing problems machining hard metal which lead to unstable production and inefficiency. We were tasked with predicting breakdowns for the milling machine to allow the machine operator to carry out tasks instead of monitoring the machine. We used automation and sensory data to build software which predicts breakdowns in real-time and warns the operator in advance. Next we will roll-out similar software in other operations in the company.

Average number of failures predicted per month
% of failures predicted



Martti formulates business problems into artificial intelligence specifications and builds proof of concepts.

Martti Pankakoski

Co-Founder and AI Engineer


Oskar, whose background is in machine learning research and software development, builds state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Oskar Vuola

Co-Founder and AI Engineer


Ville understands the clients' business needs and enables frictionless collaboration between the client and Labra.AI.

Ville Juutilainen

Co-Founder and Business Developer