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We solve your business problem with a custom AI solution.

Our Mission

Big Impact with Top Talent

Our mission is to help our clients make faster, data-driven decisions with AI powered software because we believe AI will be the biggest driver of growth within the next five years.

LABRA AI consists of a core artificial intelligence team and a pool of top AI talent who are handpicked for projects based on client specifications. Our scalable organization of stellar engineers allows us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and excellent value.

Case: Computer vision to increase accuracy and effiency in laboratories

We are currently researching a neural network to detect and segment nuclei from microscopic images to increase the accuracy and efficieny of laboratory analyses.

Accuracy of the model
Time saved per image


We identify opportunities and build custom AI

AI Survey

  • Identify the most beneficial
    AI opportunites.
  • 1-3 days

Proof of Concept

  • Build a minimum viable product,
    which solves the problem.
  • 1-4 weeks

AI Tool

  • Expand on minimum viable
    product and integrate.
  • +4 weeks


Martti formulates business problems into artificial intelligence specifications and builds proof-of-concepts.

Martti Pankakoski

Co-Founder and AI Engineer

Oskar, whose background is in machine learning research and software development, builds state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Oskar Vuola

Co-Founder and AI Engineer

Ville understands the clients' business needs and enables frictionless collaboration between the client and Labra AI.

Ville Juutilainen

Co-Founder and Business Developer